Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TasMANIA Day 1

Day 1

And so begins the adventure! Step one: get to the airport. This always proves to be much more challenging that it should be because Tullamarine airport is pretty much out in no mans land. My travel buddies were all coming from their residence on the Clayton campus of Monash so I was meeting them at the train station in the city to figure out how on earth to get to the airport from there. Turns out all we needed to do was catch another train and a bus and we'd be there! Too easy right? Yep, turns out that bus stopped running at 5pm, and it was 6:30 at that point… Good thing we have given ourselves tons of time to get to the airport because we had to get back on another train, ride that to the end and catch a different bus. But we finally made it 2 1/2 hours later!

We also learned that the Tiger Air terminal is at the farthest possible end of the airport, and it the sketchiest terminal I think I've ever seen. More on my thoughts about Tiger later. Flight was only 15 minutes late so we didn't have long to wait until we were off! Arriving in Hobart was quite a change as the airport is about 1/4 of the size of the Melbourne domestic terminal, it's miniature. Apparently the taxi's hadn't thought ahead though and there was a group of us waiting at the airport for cabs for a good half hour. And when it's already 10:30pm you really just want to get out of there and to the hostel. Finally caught a cab and made it to the hostel, check in and attempted to find bunks because it was actually a 20 person room! Not going to lie that many people in one space is a little hot and smelly, but as long as there's a clean bed I can curl up in it's all good.

None of us had eaten since much earlier that day, so food was definitely in order. After realizing we hadn't listened very well at all to the front desk's recommendations of where to find some food, we wandered around for quite a while until we finally stumbled across the harbour front which was full of bars and such. After ages of attempting to decide on a place, none of us are very picky at all, we finally chose as cool little irish pub with live music. Was good fun, not terribly expensive beer and we managed to find a table to ourselves to have a chat.

Realizing we still hadn't actually found any food, we managed to find an all night chip shop which I swear had the best chips and gravy ever. That or everything tastes amazing when you're that hungry. Also I've converted to saying chips now instead of fries because it saves me the funny looks. Plus travelling with Brits and always hanging around Aussies makes that sort of stuff start to wear off on you very quickly.

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