Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back in Action!

Hello there world!

Explanation for my ridiculously long absence from blogging: I was locked out of my account up until 2 days ago. Major frustration.

Basically is run by your google e-mail account. My google account was hacked, which meant security immediately shut it down. Simple solution to re-gain access? Answer a ton of security questions about things like contacts and sent e-mails in your inbox. My problem? I don't actually use that e-mail for anything, it's only for access to my blog. So I couldn't answer a single question. Oops. So I've spent the past month and a half arguing back and forth with google assistance people that this really is my account. And the result is finally success! However it took ages, which meant no blog posting over the past month and a half for me. So I have tons of catching up to do, and have been writing posts on my laptop over all this time to post on here when I finally re-gained access. So tomorrow will be updates day! There's at least 6 posts headed your way tomorrow finally to catch you up on my adventures :)

Cheers x

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