Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Airport days, mexican food and ant hills.

And again I find myself combining two days into one post, because Monday (day 4) I did not really do anything productive at all; which would have resulted in an extremely boring blog post. And while it would have provided good reading material for people looking to fall asleep on their keyboard, I chose to spare everyone else. Basically another day of errands, a hunt for souvenirs to bring back for friends and family and the search for the prefect birthday present for a certain sister of mine who I promised would be coming from Texas. Other then that the eventful part of my day was dinner with Aaron and Edward, where most importantly I learned that Don Marcilenos is actually not the best mexican food in town, but rather one of the worst...Aaron looked absolutely horrified when I mentioned that I thought it was good! But hey compared to the stuff we have in Ottawa it is. But now I've been told I have to go to a place on the other side of town because that seems to be the best mexican in Uvalde.

Today (Tuesday, Day 5) I finally got to spend a day at the airport! Dave Springford, F1, decided it was time to fly so off it was to make myself useful for the day. It was so good to be back out at the airport, and I was surprised by the amount of glider trailers and teams that are already here! We (being the Canadian team) are sandwiched nicely in between the Swedish team and what we think is the Russian teams spot. Putting the plane together turned out the be a bit of an adventure because there is an fire ant hill right under where the wing meets the fuselage... And it also turned out to be a bit more of an adventure when I tried to turn the hose off and turned it on stronger by mistake, completely soaking myself and splashing Virginia in the process too, oops! It ended up being Conrad's jeep to the rescue too because the tow ball on the back of the truck that Dave had rented was way to high to tow a glider, it came halfway up my leg! But we got F1 out to the taxiway and off to the side all set to go for launch at 1pm all safe and sound.

After a quick lunch it was time to launch everyone, about 30 which was a lot more then we expected! Many tow ropes and tow circuits later everyone was off and going like gangbusters towards to good clouds to the south. 

Uvalde provided it's beautiful cue dotted sky right on schedule as per usual. Dave had a great flight with some pretty fast speeds, check out his flight log on our team blog http://wgc2012teamcanada.blogspot.ca/. After that it was just washing they layers of dust off the glider and tucking it into it's overnight tie downs and covers (or airplane pyjamas as a certain Luke refers to them as which is much more fun) for the night and packing up. Then it was off to dinner at the Mexican restaurant recommended by Aaron, which he was right, has fantastic food. I can't for the life of me remember the name, or pronounce it for that matter, but I now know how to get to it so I'm all set! It does have an...interesting crowd of locals in it but hey it's good food. But of course because of the invasion of glider pilots there was 3 tables of pilots dotted around the room so, one tables of which I actually knew from the Pre-Worlds last year so it was all good. And now I am completely wiped out from the heat and am headed to bed! But it's definitely a good tired, and I still have a whole contest full of busy days at the airport ahead of me to look forward to. 

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