Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Great Australian Bucket List

So ever since I found out that I was officially coming here on exchange, I've been adding notes to a mental "bucket list" of things that I wanted to do while I was over here. Needless to say there was a lot of them, a lot being an understatement even, and I figured it was about time that I actually wrote them all down. This has been the past couple of weeks of adding things as I remembered them (my memory is really terrible sometimes) but I know that there's still some that I'm missing. So let's call this a work in progress for now... But I'd say it's a pretty solid work in progress. I can't wait to start doing some of these things!

  1. Learn to surf
  2. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  3. Go skydiving
  4. Hug a koala
  5. Go to the Melbourne Cup
  6. Go to the Melbourne International Film Festival
  7. See Tazmania
  8. See the tiny penguin colony
  9. See the 11 Apostles
  10. Backpack the Gold Coast
  11. Go to an opera in the Sydney Opera house
  12. Attend a gallery opening
  13. Go to a concert
  14. Camp put at a music festival
  15. Go to a cricket match
  16. Go to an Aussie rules football game
  17. Go to a rugby game
  18. Do a local brewery tour
  19. Do a vineyard tour
  20. Camp out in the Outback
  21. Go sailing
  22. Go soaring
  23. Go flying
  24. Visit the Freemantle market
  25. Go kiteboarding 
  26. Magnetic Island full moon party
  27. Visit as many National Parks as possible
  28. See something deadly
  29. Walk around Uluru
  30. Islands on East and West coast
  31. Road trip along the coast
  32. Go snowboarding
  33. Stay in a hostel
  34. Become a regular at a Melbourne coffee shop
  35. New Years in Sydney
  36. Epic kangaroo picture
  37. Make it across to Perth
  38. Make it up to Cairns
  39. Spring break in Bali/Southeast Asia
  40. See 360 live
Feel free to comment or give me suggestions of things you think I should do! Wether it's something that you know from actually travelling here, or cool things you've seen in tour books or National Geographic issues I'm always open to new suggestions.

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